Can You Stop Your Pets from Causing Lawn Damage?

People love their pets, and they also love their lawns and gardens. Unfortunately, pets and lawns do not always go well together which can be very frustrating. What kind of damage do pets do to lawns? Are there any things homeowners can do to mitigate that damage? Types of Lawn Damage All pets that dig [...]

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Is that Crabgrass or Quackgrass in Your Lawn?

May is a beautiful month in Michigan. It’s the month when the ornamental trees bloom, and perennials begin to blossom. The trees put on their green garments, and grass grows and thickens. It’s also the month when you begin to see weeds emerge in your lawn. The very first ones you’ll probably notice are the [...]

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When Should Spring Weed Control Begin?

If there’s one thing any gardener hates, it’s weeds. Whether you’re a vegetable gardener or focus your time on your lawn and landscape, weeds are a persistent problem. Spring is only beginning in Michigan, but it’s not too early to think about how to keep a weed problem from becoming a much bigger one through [...]

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Avoid Summer Lawn Problems with Spring Lawn Work

When you look outside now at the West Michigan snowscape, you may not realize it, but spring is around the corner. Soon the rains will come and wash away the snow. Your lawn, with all of its beauty and problems, will again be visible. What spring lawn work can you do now to make sure [...]

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