landscape edging

West Michigan Garden and Landscape Edging

Gardeners value landscape edging because it creates clean, crisp lines between their landscaping and the lawn itself. It’s both an aesthetic and practical choice. Not only does edging emphasize the lines of your garden’s design and pull the eye to your choice of flowers and shrubs, it also prevents grasses from invading the flower beds and choking them out.

Proper edging also keeps soil or mulch from spilling out of landscape beds and onto the lawn. This prevents erosion and maintains moisture levels in the beds, ensuring that the investment you’ve made in mulch application around your plantings is not lost or wasted.

Edging can be performed mechanically or simply by spraying Round-Up to control the spread of grass, or it can involve adding design elements like aluminum or plastic edging, rocks, gravel, bricks, or pavers to your bed edges. Bykerk Landscape Management can help with either or both of these goals. We recommend edging your landscape beds once per season minimally both to maintain the beauty of your space and to ensure bed size is adequate for plant and turf health, care, and protection. Contact us at (616) 698-7263 to discuss which edging services would best benefit your gardens and landscaping.