Grand Rapids Fall Cleanup
Grand Rapids fall cleanup

Spring Fall Cleanup

Grand Rapids fall cleanup

Is your lawn a mess? Are your struggling with leaf cleanup in the fall or the leaf/litter/stick detritus that remains after winter is finally over? Raking can be physically exhausting, and there is plenty of work to prepare your landscaping before new plants go in next spring. Whether for spring or fall cleanup, if you’re not up to the task, Bykerk is here to help!

Bykerk Landscape Maintenance’s yard cleanup includes removing the leaves from your lawn and bed areas and clearing hard surfaces of debris and sticks. In the spring many of our clients also like to add other services like pruning, fertilizing, mulch installation and weed management after the initial cleanup, this frees up time which they can then spend enjoying family, recreational activities and the many wonders of creation.

A good landscaping service can help prepare your lawn, landscape beds and ornamental plants so that they will be ready to bloom and beautify your property next summer and make sure that no unhappy surprises await you. Give Bykerk Landscape Management a call at (616) 698-7263 to schedule your cleanup today.  

We can meet your Grand Rapids fall cleanup.  Do not forget Spring Cleanup as well.