lawn aeration

Grand Rapids Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration is accomplished by coring the soil with small holes and removing plugs of soil from the ground. This gives the grass better access to air, water, and nutrients and allows the roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. The end result is a healthy, more robust lawn.

Lawn aeration is a good solution when soil is compacted, when there is excess lawn thatch, or if heavy organic debris is buried under the grass surface. Aeration removes the plugs of soil, and these decompose and beneficially alter the composition of the thatch or root layer. Aeration also improves drainage in lawns that have a tendency to puddle during storms or sprinkling, and helps increase the lawn’s tolerance to heat and cold and the effectiveness of seeding and fertilization.

For lawns with cool season grass, the best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season and ideally in the early spring or fall. This allows the lawn time to grow and fill in any bare patches or open areas before the lawn gets heavy traffic. However, if your soil is compacted and struggling to grow, any time is a better time to aerate than later or never. Contact Bykerk Lawn Services at (616) 698-7263 to request an aeration treatment today!