Shrub and Tree Trimming for Grand Rapids, Michigan

shrub trimming

Why prune your trees and shrubs? There are many benefits of shrub trimming, including safety, the beauty of the tree or shrub, the health of the plant, and size management. It’s important for the overall look of your lawn and landscaping that your trees and shrubs are also maintained. Typically shrubs, hedges, and groundcover are trimmed or pruned twice a year, although some plants may be trimmed once or not at all. Trees are also trimmed on an as-needed basis

Shrub trimming and pruning helps your trees and shrubs stay healthier and should definitely be done when there are branches that are diseased, dead, pest-ridden, or brushing against each other or any structures on your property. Pruning at the wrong time will not hurt your trees or shrubs, but it can interfere with their flowering or fruiting. Landscaping professionals will know the best times to prune for all of the plants on your property to maximize their beauty and health.

There are many and varying techniques, tools, opinions, budgets, goals, and perceptions when it comes to correct pruning and shrub trimming, all of which Bykerk Landscape Management will customize for you. Call us at (616) 698-7263 to schedule your annual or biannual trimming.