Why does your neighbor’s grass look so much better than yours? Fertilization is one answer. His lawn is getting enough nutrients to supply all of that green growth. What looks like one big carpet is really millions of individual grass plants, and those plants require a great deal of nutrients to grow. Your soil supplies some of them, but many are lost to leaching, evaporation, and grass clipping removal all the time. Fertilization resupplies those nutrients to your grass.

How does fertilizing help your lawn? It promotes new leaf and root growth of the individual grasses. A healthier, more robust lawn prevents erosion, filters pollutants, cleans the air, and naturally cools your property. It will save you money on water because it requires less irrigation. It’s also less likely to suffer from weeds, insects, and disease if it’s fertilized regularly.  

At Bykerk Landscape Maintenance we strive to give our customers a thick, lush, green, and healthy lawn, while using the most environmentally sound materials and techniques. Our fertilization specialists follow a integrated pest management program, emphasizing plant health and minimum pesticide usage. Our lawn fertilization service is scheduled to provide the right treatment at the proper time, and will help maintain your residential or commercial lawn at its best. Contact us at (616) 698-7263 to request our fertilizing program for your lawn today!