Grand Rapids de-icing

Grand Rapids De-icing Services

As any Michigander knows, snow is a problem, but ice can be a disaster. Ice makes driving and walking very unpredictable. Most businesses will arrange for snow plowing every winter automatically, but do not consider that when freezing rain happens, roads and parking lots are just as dangerous. De-icing, or ice management, can prevent accidents on your company’s property and protect you from liability.

Snow plowing alone does not address the slippery conditions left behind after plow has gone. Plowing won’t help when freezing rain or ice occurs either. Sleet and ice require a variety of ice management services, including:

  • Pre-treating asphalt and concrete in order to prevent ice from bonding to these surfaces
  • Applying liquid ice melt
  • Scattering a granular de-icer that works better than rock salt in colder temperature and with less damage to plants, grass, or the environment

You may not know how to handle ice on your property, but we do. Bykerk has the equipment products and experience necessary to clear the surfaces of your parking lot and sidewalks of ice and make them safe again to drive or walk. Call us. We would love to discuss how we can tackle your company’s de-icing needs this winter.

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