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Lawn TreatmentsIs your lawn fine, lush, and green? Do you want to keep it that way?

Without the proper lawn treatments, your beautiful lawn is in danger of being taken over by a host of common weeds including crabgrass, Canadian thistle, wild violets, dock, ground ivy, white clover, plantain, and dandelion. Unfortunately, most of those weeds are better adapted to survive than your grass. They often need less water and are more heat or cold tolerant as well. If your lawn goes untreated, you will see some or all of these species invade and take over.  

Another common lawn problem is insects, including grubs and chinch bugs. If insects settle in to feed on the grass stems or the roots, your beautiful lawn may be a thing of the past. They will feed, reproduce, and then feed again.

Applying the right lawn treatments will preserve the beauty of your landscape. Applied at the correct time, rate, and frequency, lawn applications will improve the health and look of your lawn. Weed applications include crabgrass preventers, broadleaf weed controls, and insecticides. Fertilizers containing premium, controlled-release and balanced nutrients give your lawn what it needs to thrive and grow. These ingredients are vital for turf color, density, vigor, health, and properly managed growth, as well as for preventing and/or recovering from weed, disease, and insect infestation.  

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