Grand Rapids Mulch Installation

In the spring, after a lawn cleanup, it’s time to work on your landscape beds. This means adding more mulch to what remains after winter has finally surrendered its hold on our lawns and landscaping.

Mulching is important because it provides plants with nutrients and controls the moisture levels of the soil, but laying down mulch too close to your house, garage, or outbuildings is an invitation to bugs to also move in. It’s important to do it right. Bykerk Landscape Management replenishes our customers’ landscaping with a fresh 1-1.5 inch layer. While a base of 1-3 inches is desirable, thick layers and mulch piled high against trunks and plantings can be detrimental and should be avoided.

Mulch benefits are many. Beyond aesthetics, they include water retention for plantings, freeze protection, and weed suppression – all of which are important in the variable climate of Grand Rapids, Michigan. While mulch is typically added in the spring, it can be replenished anytime. If you have a new landscaping project that needs mulch installed, we can do that too.  

Bykerk can deliver and install hardwood mulch, color enhanced mulch, and cedar mulch! Call us at (616) 698-7263 to request a beautiful and customized mulch installation.

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