Bykerk Landscaping Weed Management

Weed ManagementWeeds in landscaping beds are not only unsightly, but they compete with your flowers and plants for moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. If you’ve invested time and money beautifying your landscape, it only makes sense that you protect that investment with regular weed management. You do not want weeds to overrun your beds and choke out your plants.

Bykerk Landscaping Management recommends biweekly weed treatment during the spring and summer months by means of pre/post-emergent chemicals, hand pulling, and/or other cultivating methods. Used together, these measures will stop weeds from germinating, growing, and spreading.

There are other passive weed management practices that we have also found effective in the long run. These include planting healthy, dense ground covers, applying mulch annually, or putting down rocks or stones in areas vulnerable to weeds. Once these ground covers are established, they require much less outside maintenance.

Incorporating weed management while altering your landscaping design will allow your plants to flourish while you sit back and enjoy the summer beauty of your lawn and landscaping. Give Bykerk a call at (616) 698-7263 for help with your weed control.