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Halting Grub Damage in West Michigan

If you love your lawn, you’ll want to protect it, and that means controlling pests with lawn insecticide. One of the pests that can cause the most damage is the grub. There are many types of grubs. A grub is actually the immature or larval form of a number of species of beetles. As grubs mature and grow, they feed on the roots of the grasses. With damaged roots, these grasses cannot take in as much water or nutrients and they more easily wither and die in hot weather.

If your lawn has grub damage, it will be easiest to spot during late summer. You’ll see thin, yellow grasses and dead patches in your lawn. Sometimes these patches will experience sudden wilt, and the ground may feel spongy underfoot. Sod that has been badly grub damaged will pull up like a carpet because the grubs will have eaten the roots anchoring the sod to the soil.

Grubs also attract other pests to your yard. Skunks, raccoons and blackbirds love to feast on grubs. Skunks are bad news for homeowners with pets. Fortunately, an annual application of Merit can provide year-long control of grubs and prevent turf loss. If you think your lawn has grub damage or would like to prevent it, give Bykerk Lawn Management a call at (616) 698-7263 to schedule your lawn insecticide application.